not a matter of love and other stories

Winner of the Many Voices Project, New Rivers Press

"Beth Alvarado’s splendid first book burns with the landscape of the Southwest and the quiet passions of its characters.  Potent and darkly beautiful, these are unforgettable stories that haunt us long after the book is closed.  Not a Matter of Love is a marvelous debut.”                —-Karen Brennan, 
The Garden in Which I Walk  & Being with Rachel     

University of Iowa Press

"Anthropologies offers us the eternal present tense of memory: all our lives and our families' lives existing at once, like the voice of her father, preserved on her mother's answering machine and now here with many others in this lovely echo chamber of a book."                        
              --Ander Monson,Vanishing Point

 "Beautifully written, the perfect tone -- intense and restrained simultaneously."
--Francine Prose, My New American Life

"Anthropologies will not let you sleep, get to work, distract.  Even your dreams get stolen by her indelible images.  And when you wake from reading, you find yourself wading in tenderness.  Alvarado skillfully interlaces the stories of many generations, a life lived across the lines of race and class, and a meditation on memory as memoir.  In the end, we are left with love, grief, loss, and the enduring resiliency of family."  
    -- Valerie Martinez, Each and Her
"Not a Matter of Loveinvites us into that still largely unexplored territory in which Hispanics and Anglos share their lives as lovers, students, drug dealers and users, spouses, parents, step-parents, and siblings.  But, more important, these artful and surprising stories bring us a cast of diverse, powerfully drawn individuals as they struggle to find their own truth." 
                                                           -- Elizabeth Evans,  Carter Clay  Suicide's Girlfriend